Welcome back to the world of writing!

Hello Readers,

I have been quite busy lately with many things going on in my life. Now, I am back to the writing and hopefully will be able to keep some articles coming throughout the year. This past year was filled with many different obstacles that have turned out to be a big part of my life. Running a business is something that I have always dreamed about and learning the right way to do things along with the wrong way to do things is something that is very demanding. Since we are open 24 hours a day you are always on call for anything that may go wrong with your business.

I believe that things have gotten stable at this point since it has been a year since the promotion to management. It is great and I really enjoy the work that I do for the company that I work for throughout this career. Along with loosing the laptop due to complications with the system or battery writing articles to publish on the cell phone is sometimes not feasible.

Now, I am sitting here writing this blog post to apologize to all my reader’s for not posting something sooner. I just realized it has been 10 months since I have written anything of substantial interest for the reader’s. Hopefully, now I can keep posting something around the hectic schedule that I have because it is something that I have loved doing. Writing is an art and some people just know how to write till their hearts content.

That is what happens when you sit down at the computer and just let your thoughts come out onto the page in front of you. Well anyway, here is to the upcoming year with plenty of writing articles for this blog that I started a few years ago.



In the midst

Fellow readers I just realized that I have not posted anything since January of this year.  I am disappointed in myself for not posting anything. However, things are busy in my life that does not allow much time for anything else.  There are so many things in your life and sometimes you cannot control the situations that happen in your life.  I am always telling the children not to make excuses.  The problem is that with being a manager, and homeschooling there is not much time for anything else. 

Priority number one is to make sure the children are getting the grades they should. Priority number two is to make sure I am focused at work to be the best manager I can be. Priority number three is to spend quality time with the family.  Writing is something that is for free time that I do not have much if anymore.  Therefore,  even if I only post once or twice a month from here on out that would be okay. I love to write however pressing matters come first. I know that people understand the importance of life and the things that we must do.

What is amazing is that people are still enjoying the articles that I have done over the years, and will enjoy them for  years to come.  As I move forward in my life with the new job and everything else I know that one day I will be able to put my writing abilities to work. One day I will be able to write when and where I want until that time I will post when I can.



A New Chapter

You know in an earlier post when she started this blog she wrote about tradeoffs that you face throughout your life. Well in addition to that article here is something else that she can add to that line of thinking.

Throughout your life you have different chapter’s some close, and some stick around for a while. However, you have to make the best of the chapter’s that you have throughout your life and make the outcome what you want it to be. Sometimes this is hard to do with everything that is going on in your life with work, children, family, and everything else that you have to do in a day’s time. Starting a new chapter in your life requires communication with your family, and discussing the outcome of the new chapter. This new chapter of life requires spending more of your time at your job and less time with your family. However, the benefits of the new chapter are what counts because it means a better life for you and your family. Now, it is your time to shine and make the most of the career that you have chosen.

Writing is another one of those chapter’s and right now it is hard to spend the amount of time that you would like on the writing and keeping the reader’s coming back to read the articles that you write. Although many reader’s understand and know that you have entered a new chapter in your life some reader’s do not want to stick around to wait for more articles because you are not posting regularly like you were earlier within the year. This is fine with her because she has a lot going on right now and with the promotion, homeschooling, and family time it does not leave enough time in the day to spend on writing.

Somewhere, along the way she has to put something aside and think about it later. She is grateful for the reader’s that are sticking with her blog and continuing to visit the articles that she has posted over the past two years. It makes her feel good that people are still reading the things that she has written about throughout the years. Advancement in her job is something that she has waited for a long time. Now, she spends her time training, and learning about new things that will help her throughout her career. She works 11 hours a day, comes home to grade papers for the day, visits with the family, and then spends some time working on things that she must study for work.

If putting off writing for a little while helps her in the conquest to making a better choice for her career then that is what it means. Periodically, she will still post a few articles however, it may take a little longer to get them finished for posting because of the tight schedule that she is on right now. She hopes that her reader’s and the future reader’s of this blog will understand the commitment to making this part of her career a success.

Going For Your Dreams

During the course of her work career she has developed the skills and knowledge that she needs to become a manager.  However it takes patience to finally get to that point in your life when you are ready and willing to take on more responsibility.  Showing and proving to your mangement team that you have what it takes to be the best manager that you can be within their company.  Striving to accomplish your dreams of making it into the next phase in your life.  This requires more work from you an long hours to accomplish the goals that you have set out in your future plans.

Life is what you make it and if you do nothing with your life you are the one to blame. You have to go for what you want and where you want your career to go. You have to be willing to take chances and hope that you are heading in the right direction. No one said that life was easy. No one said it was just going to fall right in your lap because you think that you deserve it. You have to work hard for everything that you want in your life.

Well she has finally reached that point in her life and she is happy with the outcome of her career  at this moment.  She is excited to be where she is and is looking forward to the future.  She is now a manager trainee for the company she is working for and looking forward to succeeding in everything that she does. She proves how hard she can work, she gets the job done, and everyone she works with loves the job that she does.

Keep your dreams and aspirations alive. Do not let people tell you that you cannot do the job at hand. Have confidence in yourself and go the extra mile.

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A little note

Hello readers, I know that it has been a while since writing any articles. I am sorry for the delay as with everyone in the world important obligations take top priority.  I have a new position in my career and have to spend most of my time at work.  I am working on some articles to post and should have some posted soon for all you wonderful readers.

Thanks a million


Tammy Hopkinson, MBA

Random Thought throughout the Day! Part 2

Okay this is a work in progress continued from a previous post! Please feel free to comment. Trying to get into my creative mindset!


The crazy woman in the cabin in the woods decided to go into town again to pick up some things that she was low on to keep her stocked throughout the upcoming winter months. In the midst of going to town she stopped at that little kitchenette shop that she loved going to for lunch. The little kitchenette in this small town had a delightful menu. She decided to go with the club sandwich, and fries with a diet coke.  As she is sitting there waiting for her food to arrive she looks around at the locals having their lunch as well. She relives the memories of the terrible things that she has done in the past few months. She tries to remember why she came to this point in her life. Why she was targeted in the city was because of the things that she saw other people in the firm do to get their way. The voices in her mind were not going away without the medication that she was supposed to take. Of course, she does not take her medication the way that she should because of the side effects it has on her.

She would rather live with the voices in her mind because that is all that she knows at this point in her life. A woman of around 40 who thought she had it all living in the city is now in a solitude of living in a cabin in a small town where she does not know anyone so to speak. She finally sees the waitress bringing her food to her and she asks the waitress for another refill on her diet coke. She gets her plate ready moving her fries to one side so that she can put some ketchup on the plate to dip the fries in, opens up her sandwich to put some mayonnaise on it and some salt and pepper for flavoring. As she sits there eating her lunch she could not help but to notice a man sitting by himself about her age, eating the same thing as she was trying not to make eye contact she studies him for awhile. although she did not say anything to him because they seemed like they were studying each other. As she was finishing up her meal, she paid for her bill, and decided to make her way back to her cabin.

On the way to the cabin as she is driving she thinks about the things that have transpired over the last couple of months. Why would she do something like this to other helpless people? She at one time was disgusted with people who did these types of things to other people. here she was doing the same things that she disgusted in other people. She locked herself up in that cabin all the time except for the few times she needs to go into town. As she arrives at the cabin she has to take the stuff into put them up. She decides to sit down and write about the events in her life going through papers from when she worked in the city, emails she had received, correspondence letters that came to her through the firm, and other information concerning the time that she had spent at the firm. She still cannot believe that they have not caught onto what those people were doing while working at the firm. How could she have worked for a company so long that did not have a clue to what their people were doing. It does not make any sense you would think that the people who run the place would see what was going on and what they did for years at a time. The murder of people who would not do the things that they were asked to do by these crazy people, filling their heads full of things that were not true, and would drive them to the brink of craziness.

350 Followers and More to come!!!!!


You know when starting this blog in October of 2011 her heart was not in writing. Of course, there were some obstacles to overcome before she could fully invest her time in writing other articles instead of just writing in her journal. A couple of years had gone by without working on the blog that she first created. It was not until recently in 2013 that she finally took the initiative to write because it makes her feel good. She loves to inspire others with her writing. She did not think that people would read the things that she wrote about and thought that they would not find it that interesting.

Therefore, starting her writing back up again she decided that she would just write for herself and let everything else fall into place. She started out with only 5 followers when she first started and now here in 2014, she is at 350 followers which is a huge experience for her because that means that she has 350 reader’s that she must keep in mind when she is writing. It has turned out to be a wonderful experience and one that she hopes will flourish into something bigger later on in the future. She is happy with the outcome of her newly found hobby and the excitement of having an audience such as this can be overwhelming at first but with time all things come together when they mean too.  

It is an indescribable feeling to log onto your blog and find that people around the world have viewed your materials. Although many do not leave a comment and that is fine it is nice that some people leave some type of comment. It is an inspiration to have this many readers who actually like the things that she writes about and she loves to hear what others have to say.  Sometimes when she writes she does not think that people will enjoy reading that type of article. However, she is surprised when she finally gets a few likes on the article. She knows that you have to publish something every day and sometimes that is hard to do because you do not know what to write about that would peak an interest into the reader. However, she tries to make at least one or two posts because that is the ritual that she needs to have in order to accomplish her goals as a writer.

She hopes that one day she will become an author of a book that she is working on. Although with everything going on in her life with homeschooling, work, writing, and other things she manages to make time for everything that she wants to accomplish in the upcoming years. She loves writing about personal experiences, inspiration, college, and anything else that intrigues her. She looks forward to reading other posts from the people who follow her and enjoys some of the tips, and advice that they have to offer.

Thank you all for following this blog it is gratifying to know that others enjoy the articles that she writes not only for herself but for others as well.