Determination to Succeed

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

The determination to succeed in life is something that many people in this world do not have. Most people only want to work what they want, and when they want. They are too busy having a life and not worried about what the future holds down the road. Throughout, the world some people want to succeed in everything that they do. They want to excel in their job, gardening, raising their children, and anything else that they do in life.

Sometimes, the road to success is hard to cope with however, people manage to make it through the hardest parts of their life. This only makes them stronger with every step that they take towards their success in their life. In order, to get where they want to be they have to make sacraficies that many people do not want to make because it will interfere with their plans or their life with their friends.

You have to plan for the future and you cannot do that without determination. You have to want to make something better for yourself, and your family so later on in your life you do not have to worry about anything but enjoying the rest of your life. The best part of your life is making sure that you stay determined to make your life the way that you want without the pressure of anyone else telling you cannot do anything. You will never be anything, and that you will always be a failure.

You cannot listen to these types of things because you will always look at those words that were said to you. When you are always being put down by anyone in your world you will never gain the confidance to make something of yourself. So for you to stay strong you have to keep telling yourself that you can do anything that you put your mind to and not worry about what other people say to you or about you.

When you listen to other people or you listen to the people that are always putting you down you will never achieve anything in your life until you stop the negativity around you and change the outcome that you want for your life. Throughout her life she has always been the time of person to just hang out with family . The few friends that she did have throughout her childhood became distant friends because as they grew older they did not have much in common anymore.

Becoming your own person, and sticking to the things that you want out of your life leaves you with the feeling of accomplishment because you have worked for everything that you want out of your life. No where in this world does it say that you must have friends, you must go out and party with these so-called friends that are nice to your face, and talk about you behind your back. No one needs that in their life. You have responsiblities to take care of your children, and family. Keep your job in check and make sure you are saving for the future.

Determination to make something of yourself and become self-sufficient in this world should be taught to everyone in school. By the time they have graduated they do not know much about the real world, and how cruel people can be within the world. People can be unkind, and treat people badly. They will critize everything that you do, and everything that you say. It does not matter if you are right and they are wrong. Becoming an adult is something that many people dread because you never catch a break from anything in the world.

She is determined to become a success no matter what. She has made it a priority in her life to make the best of what she has and work to wards making it better for everyone that is involved in her life.


Our Children are Precious

In the last couple of weeks she has heard about parents leaving their children in the car with the high temperatures. How can you not know that your children are in the car? How can you turn a blind eye to not making sure that your children are safe at the proper places? She cannot understand how parents can leave their children in the car while they go grocery shopping, go into a bar, and go to work or anything else to that nature before making sure that your children are safe from harm.

People like this should not have children because they are not ready for them and are only thinking about themselves. It saddens her to hear about some foolish parent that decided to leave their child in a car, leave them in the trash or something else to that effect. Come on when the world has children having children something needs to be done. Parents start being parents know what your child is doing, where they are and who they are with. Do not allow them to have sex until they are married. What happened to the world? It is like parents are excited that their little girl is pregnant at such a young age. It is the normal of the world and no one says anything.

She has seen 13 year old girls having children when they should be worried about school and the fault of this lies on the parents for letting their little girl have sex, and hang out with boys. She has a teenage girl and she is so glad that she homeschools because she would be learning more than what she needed to know going to public school. She also has two teenage boys and they are not interested in girls at the present time. Thank goodness they will enjoy their life without the stresses of the teenage life. Some people say that they resent her because they do not have friends. You know what they tell her they love her every day and that they are thankful for being homeschooled. When they get older and out of the house that is when they can have friends maybe by that time they will be able to pick out the good people instead of following the crowd. Teenager’s do not need to worry about boys, kissing, sex, or anything else but getting an education and making something of themselves in this world.

Back in the old days boys courted the girls, asked dad for permission to take his daughter out, asked permission to marry her, and many other things. Sexual intercourse was reserved for the wedding night not the second date. Back then they did not show affection out in public because it was meant to stay private. Now, they post all about it on Facebook, and other social media’s. She can remember working at Burger King and some ladies were coming through the drive thru talking about their night and the employee’s inside were listening to ever detail. People do not think about the things that they say in public, and they surely do not care what they do in public. No one wants to see you making out in public that is what they make rooms for instead of flaunting it out in public.

There is nothing wrong with being old-fashioned in your way of thinking and you certainly do not have adhered to the current way of doing things in this world. Parents need to raise their children with morals, modesty, and to think about what they are doing before something bad happens. You cannot get on Facebook anymore without people posting pictures of them in bikinis, bra and panties, posing in provocative poses, and other things like that. It is insane to exploit yourself like this because of the perverted people that are in the world today. Just think about who is using your pictures and do you want to think about how they are using your pictures? Come on this is a sick world we live in and no one seems to care about the outcome.

Family Interference While Writing



Writing at home can pose problems especially when you have children. Writing requires quiet time with reflective thought. In the midst, of writing at home she tries to find a spot where there are not any distractions with her writing. You have to divide up your time for everything that you have or want to do require some type of scheduling so no one feels left out and not wanted. Children although you love them you may find your writing may involve some of the things that they have talked to you about when you are writing. Questions they may ask throughout the process of interrupting you while you write. During the course of college classes it was a task to keep your mind on the essay, discussion question or research. However, you have to keep going and block out those many distractions that you may have around you when you write. You want to make sure that your family is welcome in your inner sanctum so that they know that you enjoy their company and thoughts. Some of the best memories are made with each other throughout the process and this is a good way to take note of those wonderful memories.


Throughout your home there will always be some distraction from writing like something coming on the television that you want to see and it will distract you from the task at hand. Writing is an art and certain things may intensify what you are writing about and then again it may disturb your writing process.  The radio can pose as a distraction especially if a song that you love comes on you will find yourself singing to the song and loose site of what you were writing about with every phrase of the song. Sometimes it helps you in writing more because of the intensity of the song may have you reflect on something that happened in your past. Cellphones may also cause you distractions when you write because you may have friends that text you about everything going on in their life. They could pose more distractions than you would like because of the need to know what is going on in their life.

The Art of Writing

Writing is an art and some are blessed with this art that allows words to just roll out of their mind and onto whatever they are writing on at that moment. It is quite amazing at the amount of words that you can write within a certain time period if you put your mind into the work that you are doing. Especially if you are writing about something that you love to write about and something that you know. The slightest thing can spark some inspiration into what you want to write about and then the words just flow from your mind. Writing about your family experiences, dinners that you have, desserts, and many other things can inspire the most wonderful piece of writing. It will also add some significance to what you are writing in your journal, blog, and anything else you are writing with throughout the writing experience.

Here’s to the writing experience may it be a wonderful one!

Another Great Year of Homeschooling

Just a bit of information to my reader’s! My children have passed mom’s exams and will head to the 10th grade next school year! They are excited and ready for the upcoming school year. It has turned out to be a long road but they did well.

Next, year they will be doing algebra II, Biology, Computer programming, American Literature, and History of the American Nation. Of course, they are all excited about all of the classes that they will take in the upcoming year.

A very proud moment to see that I have done my job as a mother, and teacher to my children. I am very glad that I chose to homeschool four years ago. It has turned out to be the best experience of my life.

Looking forward to the upcoming year as we learn more about a variety of things. I believe that the hardest part for them this year was English Literature however, they passed with no problems. I also learned quite a bit from teaching them in English Literature.

Algebra of course, they were surprised when I could solve the problem in my head without working it out on paper. They are getting to where they can do some problems like that but I told them that it takes time to be able to look at a problem and solve it without working it out.

When Your Mind Wanders

she sit here staring into the computer screen wondering what to type….she hears the children in the other room talking about a variety of things that she cannot hear completely what they are saying. she hears things hit the ground and hears them laughing and throwing things around what in the world is going on in there she wonders.

As she sits writing about a variety of things, she enjoys listening to the children have their fun in the other room. The sounds of them having fun is music to her ears because they enjoy every minute of the day. There is nothing more than to listen to your children having fun without the addiction of games, television or anything else that children have these days.

The feeling of not being able to write anything is driving her insane! Although she has written quite a bit in the last month at least one article a day it still is not enough. She only has a certain amount of time during the day to spend on writing. She writes more about her life in her journal than anything right now.

She needs to sit down and write articles for her blog, work on the finals for the children, and many other things that needs to be done. The more she writes about her life the more she sees that she has tons of information about her life in her journal. She is close to the 50,000 mark in her journal. You would not think that you could write that much about your life but it is possible to write more.

Mother’s Day


I am posting this early because I have to work on Mother’s Day along with many other mothers around the world.

Being a mother involves many things like being there for your children no matter what the obstacles. Mother’s always make sure that they have food, clothes, and numerous other things. Mother’s encourage them to do their best at anything that they do in their life. Mother’s praise them for doing the right thing. Mother’s make sure that there children know that you love them with all your heart.

You have to make sure that your children know that you are not there to be their friend but you are there to make sure that they grow up to be the best person that they can be. It is not going to be easy especially when your babies start growing up and becoming their own person. The time to be their friend is when they are grown and starting their own life with the person that they have found to spend their life with and start their own family.

Being a parent is not easy and there are obstacles that you have to overcome to make sure that your children are safe, secure, and happy within their life. Things in life happen for a reason and no matter what they are you can always count on your mother to be there when things go in the wrong direction. Every mother needs to give their children advice about many things like drugs, sex, boys, girls (in this day and time), and many other things. You have to make sure that they know how to defend themselves, stick up for themselves, and to protect themselves if something should happen.

The best Mother’s Day presents are the ones that you cannot buy in any store in the world. Mother’s around the world enjoy the gifts that your children make for you from anything and everything that they can find around the house. It is truly amazing what your children can make for you and the best part is it comes from the heart. They took the time to make you something to celebrate the special day.

I hope that every mother around the world enjoys Mother’s Day with the ones that they love. Cherish your children and be thankful that you have them around to celebrate this wonderful day. Our children are what keeps us going everyday of every year.

To all the mother’s that have lost their children I am sorry that you have to go through a Mother’s Day without your loved one.

A Note To My Reader’s

In the month of May I will not be writing as much! I have to get final exam’s ready for the children. Homeschooling is not an easy task and they come first. I will try to post a few things here and there throughout this month. However, making sure that the children pass their final exams is the most important thing to me right now.

I know that everyone will understand! I am working on some articles right now but they are not finished and not ready to publish.

So here is hoping that the children pass their final exams and move onto the 10th grade!!!!!