Image Journaling

June 1964 Marineland of Florida 1One of the Marineland’s of Florida in 1964 taken by my grandparents.

When you look at a picture does it bring anything to your mind? Looking at pictures and developing a story from what is in the picture can be a valuable learning experience. When she looks at pictures of her family history things pop into her head about the scene, situation, atmosphere, and surroundings in the picture. You can create anything that your heart desires when it comes to looking at the beauty of the pictures, people, and places within those pictures. You can almost imagine yourself in the same scene looking at your family and talking with them like you were there.

She tells her children that you can go on any type of adventure if you open your mind when you are reading books or looking at pictures from another time. Image journaling is based on the picture that you are focused on. A story develops while you are admiring the picture trying to think about how the character’s within that picture would react to the surroundings of their life at that moment. When you read a book you can visit any part of the world that you would like just by using your imagination and picturing yourself in the same places that you read about in those books.

Reading a book takes you on an adventure that you can picture in your mind while you are reading it like “The Hobbit” which was an exhilarating read to say the least. You can imagine yourself right there when Bilbo and dwarfs are experiencing their darkest trials. There are way to many favorite parts of this book to mention right here. However, the point of reading is to experience different things, emotions, feelings, and happiness.  She could not wait until the movie came out to see if it shared the same atmosphere as the book. After purchasing the movie she did not realize at the time that there would be three parts to the movie so it stopped right when they came to the dragon.  Although there are some things that are mentioned in the book that are not mentioned in the movie. Therefore, she is looking forward to seeing the other parts to the movie “The Hobbit”.

Mutts in Love

That looks like a wonderful cup of coffee!

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The mornings seem to last forever now. Never have I roamed around in my house, watched the dawn, and done things other than necessary. I miss it even when I live in it. It’s all a dream.

Each morning starts with my favorite silhouette at the door. The shadow of her hand slowly caressing my forehead to wake me up. I don’t. I can’t. I’m already awake. I see it happen. But then a snap and I smell lovely breakfast. 2 mutts madly in love with the same woman. She feeds them both. One leaves for office while the other stays wagging his tail.

Remembering the same unperturbed love, true to its center, when all beliefs made sense. The smell of the breakfast: breaking my fall into a mindless abyss, that smile: breaking my heart into a flutter, that kiss: the longest 30 seconds of my life (that I got…

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