Life in the Fast Lane


Hello reader’s, she knows that it has been quite some time since posting anything on this blog. It is funny how life gets in the way of the things that you love to do. However, life is something that you have to take with a grain of salt. Throughout, our life things happen to where you cannot get things that you would like to do done. When you finally get to that point in your life where you have the things that you want out of life you can only try and reach for better things that will make your life better. It is hard to sit down and make time for writing when you have a busy schedule. Although, it is mostly procrastination that keeps you from doing the things that you should be doing to keep your audience interested in what you are writing about and keeping them coming back to read something else that you have written.

To be the writer you have to actually set time aside from your life to write about things that interest you and your reader’s. That is the main thing right there setting aside time from work, homeschooling, and life to write about what is on your mind. A few years ago she did not have any problems sitting down at her desk and writing about what was on her mind. However, the more recent years have become more wrapped up in work, and homeschooling her children to get them ready for the outside world. Keeping in mind that her main reason for writing was to give advice of things that have worked for her that could possibly help other’s in the world.

She has always loved to write and spent long hours working on a book that she has not even looked at since things in her life turned around for the better. She needs to realize that she can never publish a book without putting in the effort to getting it finsished and edited. Putting aside all the times that she laid around the house on her day’s off from work to enjoy the day. She could spend that time to write about things that maybe could help other’s in the world. You know when you work six days straight and homeschool in the afternoon grading papers, and making sure that they have done the required work that they were supposed to do you find that most of your time is spent doing the things that you have to do.  Sometimes that does not leave time for anything else like the things that you would love to be doing.

She spends most of her time working and spending quality time with her family. Taking on of her day’s off to just be lazy and not think about the things that she needs to be doing. It is making up excuses why she is not writing the things that she should because she just does not want to take the time to sit down at her desk and spend the time writing. So now, she needs to make the decision on whether or not she wants to keep the work going and spend the time each day to make sure that she sits down and writes. All it takes is actually sitting down at the computer and spending a little time writing about what has happened in her life to get her where she is today.

It is time to make that change in her life to keep her interested in the things that she loves to do and spend that little extra time in compiling some articles to publish throughout the week. She is excited about keeping her reader’s interested in continuing to come to her blog to read what she writes about and she will set time out of her day to accomplish what she started so many years ago.


Dr’s Told Parents To Abort Or Watch Their Baby Die, Then This Happened

What an Awesome story! I would have not given up on my child either. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming post! I love it! 🙂 Congratulations to the new parents of this little baby…..She is a fighter….

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth

chanel_thumbsupChanel in the womb

Minutes after Chanel Murrish was born she broke a record and, in a medical miracle, became the youngest baby in Britain to have open heart surgery.

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Interpreting Your Life

You are right! You know when I started this blog it did not appeal to me at the time of starting it. However, since I have taken the notion to voice my opinions, thoughts, accomplishments, and many other things. I have realized that I do not follow through on some things in my life. I am finally taking charge of my life and doing things for myself. Writing is one of those things that I do for myself. If people do not like the things that I write about it does not matter. The only thing that matters is that I like the things that I write about on my blog. Thank you for sharing this post. 🙂


“The decision to speak out is the vocation and lifelong peril by which the intellectual must live.”   —Kay Boyle


“I went for years not finishing anything. Because, of course, when you finish something you can be judged…I had poems which were rewritten so many times I suspect it was just a way of avoiding sending them out.”  —Erica Jong


There are ordinary truths and eloquent truths. The ordinary truth is that some painters can garner six figures for their canvases while you probably can’t. The eloquent truth is that this abrasive fact need not alter your resolve to live an authentic life. The ordinary truth is that you will make mistakes and messes and fall short many times. The eloquent truth is that this need not defeat you, that you can keep trying and that you can keep kicking. When you marry these two ideas—willing yourself to matter and…

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Writing A Book and Having Anxiety

You know when you sit down to write a book sometimes the thoughts just disappear from your mind. You know what you want to write about however, the words are stuck in a different place. Especially, when it is a book about your own personal trials, obstacles, triumphs, and everything else that your life has to offer. You want to talk about how you became the person you are today but somehow the words just will not come out. Of course, for the past few years you have written thousands of notes, scribbled in those corner’s of books about some of the things that you went through. However, putting them all together is the hardest part of all. You have written over 300,000 words in your journal about your life, accomplishments, goals, children, family, and many other things. She knows that the art of writing is to just sit and write what is on her mind, and worry about the rest for a later time.

She cannot believe that many people in this world turn out books like it is nothing. Of course, she knows it will take time for her to finish the book that she wants to write, and she will have to publish it herself. There are so many things that she wants to talk about in her book but she feels like it would just cause problems in the future. However, she believes that her achievements in this world would benefit other people around the world. How do you deal with the anxiety of wanting to write a book you know will bring out some unresolved feelings. She just keeps the words written in her journal for her own personal use, to keep the thoughts from clouding her mind. No one has read anything in her journal because she keeps it to herself. She carries on with her life as though nothing could bring her down, and she tries so hard to forget the obstacles that she had to overcome to get where she is today.

Writing a book is much harder than she imagined but she is not going to give up that easily. Maybe she needs to look at it from a different approach and see where she can go from there. Everyone around her tells her that she could write a book about anything that she wants too. That is the problem there are so many things that she wants to write about but the one that she is working on is always calling her to write. She started a template the other day while she was on vacation, and managed to write almost 10,000 words about a variety of things that she has overcome in her life already. She is determined to find her calling in the world. She writes her book in the voice of her character Amelie. The name just came to her one day while she was writing and it stuck.

Advice for the writer with Anxiety!

Queens Father Believes Hazing Led To Son’s Suicide

No one is perfect in this world. People pick on too many people. This world is going downhill fast and there is nothing we can do. Another reason why I am glad that I homeschool my children.

CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A fraternity at Penn State Altoona has been suspended after a freshman from Queens committed suicide.

Marquise Braham, 18, of Rosedale jumped to his death from the Marriott Inn in Uniondale while home on spring break last Friday.

url=”″ size=”340px”
download=”false” name=”Queens Father Believes Son’s Death Connected To Hazing At Penn State Altoona” artist=”1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports”]

His father, Richard Braham, told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera he found photos and text messages on his son’s phone of apparent torture and hazing at Phi Sigma Kappa.

One picture shows “what appears to be a pledge — the child is blindfolded and there is another child holding a gun to their head and my son took that picture on his iPhone,” Braham said.

He believes guilt over the apparent violent hazing rituals drove his son to kill himself.

“I think that was just too much for…

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Spring Cleaning Cash!


Happy First Day of Spring!  LOVE this photo of actual tulip fields in Holland.


Closet cleaning commence!!!


Donating to charities is always a great idea for unwanted clothing.  But what about the big ticket items that are unloved by you, but could totally rock someone else’s world?


Allow me to introduce you to Julie Wainwright and TheRealReal.


reversecommuter arranged for‘s “white glove service” – have atleast 10 pieces that meet the criteria of the’s designer list, and a phenomenal fashion force comes right to your home to take your goodies, tag & review them, and then put them up on the website for sale.  reversecommuter’s pile included shoes from Gucci & Jimmy Choo, clothing from DVF, Balenciaga, Fendi, Marni, Burberry and a few others too.  Guess what – you can earn up to 70% of the selling price!


Clear out the clutter, be environmentally friendly, receive $…

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Oh the Humanity | Prompt

Interesting prompt…..

Advice Ignored

Today’s prompt is courtesy of Writer’s Digest:

It’s your 18th birthday and, upon it, you parents deliver some pretty shocking news: You’re not really human. They admit that they’ve been covering up the fact that you are actually a (fill in the blank). After hearing the news you still decide to go to school, but this school day is different than all your school days past, especially when it’s revealed to others what you truly are. Write this scene

I’m kind of in love with this one and will absolutely post a response to it…

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