Shaun – ShaunyNews – Praying for one day – New Site

Hi Shaun I have read some great comments about you on WordPress. I wondered if you could give me some pointer’s about my blog if you have the time?

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth


I had this blog here and had to delete it. Long story, I don’t even want to send myself to sleep.  This new blog is the same as my Twitter @ShaunyNews so they tie in together. I was not going to blog again then a friend “Suggested” if I want to keep writing for other sites it would be in my best interests to blog here also

I made this account 2 hours ago and already have nearly 500 followers, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

Anyway the writing bug has me. But a new blog, matches my Twitter and I can focus on doing what I enjoy doing without certain people “Real Life” annoying me.

Sorry I deleted one, just know in that moment I felt I had no other choices. Over the last few days I spoke with many people and decided if I stop doing this I am allowing…

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