First Day Of Spring Starts With Flurries

That is a crazy start to Spring….

CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — Thursday is the first day of spring, but Mother Nature must have hit the snooze alarm, as Chicagoans were greeted with snow flurries and freezing temperatures.

The mercury should climb to the mid- to upper-40s by late afternoon, but the first day of spring was starting with an all-too-familiar scene for Chicagoans sick of winter, as scattered snow showers popped up across the area.

Luckily, the snow wasn’t sticking around, as the ground has thawed with the recent milder weather, and the air temperature never got more than a degree or two below freezing overnight.

More springlike weather should warm things up on Friday, when temperatures should get above 60.

Then it will be right back to the low 40s on Saturday, and the low 30s on Sunday.

Next week will start only slightly better, with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s on Monday and Tuesday.

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