Food stamps abuse: Get lingerie, dildos & pasties with your EBT card in Louisiana

This is totally amazing! This is what our world is coming too? What in the world is going on with our country? When people are allowed to buy this stuff with food stamps that is a sad situation all on it’s own. Come on people this help is for food and nothing else. Not to trade them for money so they can buy their drugs, beer or anything else…..Just food!!!!! This is sad and should not be allowed.

Fellowship of the Minds

Want to know how your taxes are spent?

Food stamps recipients can now buy women’s lingerie and “adult specialty items” like sex toys, dildos, and pasties in Louisiana.


Tyana Williams reports for WAFB, March 11, 2014, that beginning 8 months ago, Kiss My Lingerie, a store that sells not just lingerie but also “adult specialty items” in the Magnolia Shopping Center in Gonzales, Louisiana, has posted on its front door that the store accepts most credit cards, including the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) or food stamps card.

A woman who works near the store and asked not to be identified said in the last few weeks, she’s noticed more people going inside the adult shop. That’s when she saw the message on the front door of the store that the EBT card is listed as an acceptable form of payment.

“We were told anything could be purchased there…

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