Snowden Running Out Of Options For Asylum

I do not like the fact that the government is listening or reading things that I put on the internet. However, I have nothing to hide I still think that our freedom to do anything in this country are being taken away. People do not realize what is happening to our country. I do not understand why people are just sitting around letting all these things happen right before our eyes. Pretty soon they will take over everything and we will be taking numbers to get gas, food, and anything else they can ration.


Whistleblower Edward Snowden is quickly running out of options to evade U.S. capture, as nearly a dozen countries have rejected his request for Asylum. Snowden, who is holed up in Moscow’s airport in an attempt to escape extradition to America, got bad news yesterday when Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that he could stay in the country only if he stopped leaking state secrets.

“It’s true, Snowden did express a request to remain in Russia. But having found out yesterday about Russia’s position, voiced by President Putin, about the conditions for theoretically doing so, he rejected his intention and request to stay in Russia,” Russian news station, RIA Novosti, quoted Putin Spokesman, Peskov Dmitry, as saying.

Snowden was on his way to Ecuador, but President Rafael Correa told the world that he’s Russia’s problem.

“This is the decision of Russian authorities. He doesn’t have a passport,” Correa told…

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