Basic Algebra

In actual Junior high school she was never good at math it was not until she reached her Associate’s degree that she started enjoying math. Your associate’s degree is nothing more than rehashing the things that you learned in Junior high school and high school.

To many this is just common sense however, to other’s who have math anxiety, and issues understanding the concepts of basic algebra this might come in handy for them to understand the concepts of learning such algebraic expressions.

Basic algebra is using the same methods like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. However, algebra also uses letters to represent numbers in the algebraic equations.

Addition in algebra

x + y would mean the sum of x and y equals a certain number

For example: The sum of a and 5 would be written as a + 5

The sum of y and 8 would be written as y + 8

If L plus W it would be written as L + W

So in writing with symbols you could use the following examples to practice writing algebraic equations in addition.

The sum of x and 5    x + 5

9 more than Y     9 + y

a plus b     a + b

Z increased by 7   z + 7


Some problems for you to practice with on your own:

1. The sum of x and y

2. t plus z

3. b plus 9

4. The sum of b and n

5. 15 more than y

6. x increased by 5

7. 9 more than k

8. 100 increased by z

When you learn the words that are used within the algebraic equations it becomes easier to learn how to solve the problem to obtain the right answer.


Subtraction in Algebra

Subtraction is almost the same as addition but the words that you will see for subtraction our a little different.

Some writing expressions that would indicate subtraction would include:

w minus t would be written   w – t

w decreased by 9 would be written  w – 9

9 less than b would be written 9 – b

The difference of t and 15 would be written  t – 15

Some of the problems that you will see throughout your experience in algebra may not make sense to you in the beginning and learning the terms is something that you need to practice so that you do not have issues with the problems on tests or quizzes.

Therefore, here are some problems for you to work on your own:

1. 8 less than p

2. 10 less than t

3. y decreased by w

4. d minus l

5. y minus 9

6. z decreased by 7

7. c decreased by 4

8. t less than 15


I hope that you are still with me here in learning algebraic equations with addition and subtraction. Therefore, we will discuss multiplication, and division.

Multiplication in algebra

There are a variety of ways to write algebraic equations when you are using the multiplication symbol.

a ∙ b



These examples indicate that the product of a and b or a times b

Now, the words that you might see in multiplication expressions would include:

7 times b could be written like  7 ∙ b   (7)(b)   7b

twice c is written as 2c

6 more than the product of 8 and x would be written like 8x + 6

The product of 8, t, z would be written like 8tz

The product of 6 and the sum of x and w would be written as 6(x + w)

Therefore, here are some problems that you can work on your own.

1. t times z

2. The product of r and w

3. The product of 9, c, and d

4. The sum of twice t and z

5. The product of 8 and the sum of c and t

6.  9 times a

7. The product of 10 and the sum of z and r

8. twice the sum of t and z

Once, you learn the words that are involved with multiplication expressions it becomes easier to spot what you need to do to solve the algebraic equations.


Division in Algebra

w/t means that w divided by t or the quotient of w and y

Therefore, if you see these terms within an algebraic expression you need to divide the numbers.

y divided by 8 is written as y/8

the quotient of z plus t divided by 9 would be written like     z + t/9

The sum of r plus z divided by the difference of w minus a would be written like                   r + z/w-a

Furthermore, when you are just learning algebra and the meanings behind the expressions it becomes easier as you are learning. The problems become easier as you go along because you are understanding the meanings behind the words in the problems.

Therefore, here are some problems for you to work on your own.

1. w divided by 15

2. The quotient when x is divided by 9

3. The sum of s and 6 divided by 3

4. The difference of t and q divided by 8

5. The sum of t and x divided by the difference of a and 6

6. The difference of  y minus t divided by 4

7. The quotient of c plus r divided by 9

8. The sum of y and 5 divided by the difference of y and 5

Within these examples, and problems I hope that you have understood some of the information that I have provided. Homeschooling children can be a fun experience or it can be a total flop. Understanding the information that is before you is the main key to succeeding in learning algebraic expressions.

More to come! The problems will get more complex but I believe that this type of information is good for our children to understand what they are learning in Basic algebra….

Any questions feel free to email me at

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Utmost Respect


The people that deserve the utmost respect in this world includes a variety of people. From our elderly, to the soldier’s that fight everyday for our freedom, and to the ones that have inspired us to do our best throughout the rough times in our life.

Not a day goes by that I hear the younger crowd making fun of the elderly. They disrespect them for many reasons. It saddens her heart when she sees people sucker punching, robbing, raping, and treating the elderly with disrespect. She does not understand why people do such things to the elderly. You know people are strange when it comes to the elderly. They think that they are too picky when it comes to certain things in the world. However, they have earned the right to be picky! They have gone through many things in their lifetime. “The Great Depression”, World War I, World War II, and many other things. Anyone that has managed to survive these things deserve to be picky with everything in their life because they earned it.

The elderly have some fantastic stories to share with anyone that will listen to them. They have lived their life and just want someone to talk to. Many of them have outlived spouses, children, and all other family members. I personally enjoy listening to what the elderly have to say because they have gone through many things. Listening to their stories, reading to them, and spending time with them is something that makes them happy.

We have made a decision with our children for the upcoming school year since we homeschool we will be taking them to read to the elderly, and to listen to the stories that they have to tell. Everyone needs someone to talk to and many elderly people do not get that interaction unless it is from a doctor or family visiting. The children seem to be excited about the upcoming adventure.

Our soldier’s fight for our freedom everyday. Many people already give them the utmost respect that they deserve. I cannot imagine the things that our troops go through in a year’s time. They have spent most of their life fighting in wars, and giving up most of their life to fight for our country. They deserve the utmost respect from everyone in the world because they are the ones putting their life on the line for our freedom.

I wish to say Thank You to all the soldier’s that have fought or are fighting in these wars and appreciate the job that they are doing to keep our freedoms alive. They are the ones that deserve the respect from everyone.

Thank you for all that you do!

In my family heritage we have had soldier’s that have fought in World War I, and possibly World War II. I am still doing the research but it is amazing to say the least that when you trace your history back this far you find out some interesting facts about your family.

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Time Is Short


You never know when your life can be cut short. Things happen out of no where and there is not much anyone can do about it. Life can be cut short for a number of reasons and taking the wrong road may cut your life even shorter. She tries to teach her children that the road that they take can lead their life in the right or wrong direction depending on which road they take. Her children are almost at that age where they will be on their own and have their own lives to live.

She does not want her children to have to struggle the way that they have for the past few years. It has been a long battle and it is still going to be a long road ahead. They have had some good times, and some bad times but they always managed to keep smiles on their faces throughout it all. They find the best way to keep the struggles to themselves so that people do not know the trials, and obstacles that they face throughout their life.

They know that a brighter time will come and they look forward to that all the time because they know that time is short. You cannot wait until it is too late to say the things that you want to say to each other because if you wait it will be too late. They have done without many things because there were more important things on their plate to take care of and that is usually how it always was.

When you drive at night you have a chance of getting struck by a drunk driver. All because they cannot limit themselves when they drink. Someone else could be doped up on pills and not paying attention to what they are doing. They could be texting while driving. There are just so many things that could go wrong when you are out on the roads because you have to pay attention to the other driver’s around you because you do not know what they are going to do.

When you go out to a bar you do not know any of the people in that bar. Something could go wrong just like that. You do not know people and how they will react to certain situations. By keeping yourself out of those situations you limit the risk of going before your time. She is not going to put her life on the line for people that do not care who they hurt, and how they hurt them. She and her husband have too much to live for and keeping her children safe is the most important thing in their life.

All you can do is have faith in the life that you have, and think that you are making the right decisions for you and your family.

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A Likeable Blog


Truly amazing that I have achieved this in the last couple of months! Thank you to all the follower’s that like the content of this blog. I am truly grateful to have such an audience like you. Many thanks to everyone, and I hope that you enjoy future posts from Tammy Hopkinson, MBA

This last month has turned out to be awesome! I am looking forward to upcoming challenges that I will face throughout my blogging experience. I know from keeping tabs on the followers that I have that I have lost a few. This is no problem because there are always more to take their place especially if they do not like what I am writing.

The A to Z challenge was an experience that I will never forget because it kept me writing and I have written all posts that will be posted for the upcoming days of this month. Be on the lookout for the upcoming articles that will post.

Thanks to everyone!

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We all have souvenirs that we keep from different parts in our life. Some of these souvenirs can include things that you have bought, things that your children have made or something that was left behind from someone you loved family, friends or co-workers. Well eventually you run across the things that you have kept over the years. It always brings back those memories of the good times that you have had with each other.

During the move we ran across a thousand and one things that the children had made over the years. It was nice to rekindle those memories and now we are on the way to making new memories that we can rekindle years from now.

We should cherish all the memories we can because all the memories tell a story that only you and that person can share about the souvenirs in your life. We try not to throw out the things that the children make, cards that we receive or notes that we write to each other.

You know I still have the same piece of paper that my husband wrote his number on and every once in awhile I come across it and think back to the time that we met. What a wonderful occasion that was. How time flies when your having fun with everything that is going on in our life it is the little things that we appreciate.

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In college, you learn how to do research on a variety of things. You have to engage yourself in the midst of learning about things that you never dreamed about throughout your college life. You find out a variety of interesting things when you do research. Right now, I am working on researching my ancestry and have found out some interesting things about my family heritage.

During college you have many essay’s that require you to read, read, and read. You cannot just simply read one chapter and then write your essay. You need to read and take notes before you start your essay. Research is the main key into finding out those hidden treasures that you are seeking.

Even after college you have to research things like the company that you would like to work for, and you have to learn something about that company. Employer’s will ask you why you have chosen their company compared to other company’s in the same field. You need to impress your potential company with telling them something that you know about their company.

In researching potential jobs you look through the newspaper, online job boards, and other areas to find the right job that matches your skills, knowledge, and expertise. After all many people want to find that job that matches their credentials.

If you do your research before the assignment is due then you should not have any problems making an essay out of the information that you have found throughout your research endeavor.

Writing essay’s in college, and doing the research proved to be a valuable expertise on my part because my husband would fuss at me for waiting till the last minute to write a 1000 word paper. However, I told him that it would not be a problem and it was not a problem because I could write about the topic after reading about the topic for just a little while.

However, this was something that worked for me because I could write, and write without stopping. Sometimes I would have to stop myself and edit the work that I had done because I would usually go over the word count. I guess when I started college I wanted to write all the time, and now it has carried over into making this blog. Writing about things that I have learned and experienced in my life.

Happy writing!

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Do You Like What You Are Reading On This Blog?

I know that if you were not following this blog you would not like what you are reading. However, research is the best key to finding out what your readers want to read about to keep them coming back for more. If you think that I could do better on some areas here on this blog feel free to make suggestions, give advice, and anything else that you may want to read about on this blog.

I appreciate everyone that takes the time to look and read the materials that I have on this blog. I am honored that I have so many reader’s.

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